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I redecorated

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ned Friday, 8/1/08, 2:11 AM

master this shit Wednesday, 7/30/08, 3:09 PM
guys guys guys if everyoe wrote a post and gave a shit it would be figured out it isnt htat hard everyone input and answer shit even if its not directly asked to that person get this post movin annies great shit but ice is so horny theres a line of hoes outside my place,lol lets get to the basics and face it,thanks

dj Monday, 7/28/08, 4:17 PM
pop rock are you using hoppes # 9 and have you had anyone you know successfully made ice? im gonna go with the jar way kingford o.g. coals crushed nickels, high grade ammon hydroxide 29% and only hoppes # 9 do you have a any other ideas or ways and or recipes includiong the amounts of each initial ingredient, heat, cold or any vital info, thanks any info you give youll get back with the know how of how to do it that will pay off in the end thanks

pop rock Monday, 7/28/08, 3:28 PM
cold rain I tried your glass synthisis but all I can get to form on my brown beer botol is an oily splater any sugestions

dj Monday, 7/28/08, 2:36 PM

hey if you take ammonia nitrate and cush it up and mix it in with ammonia hydroxide does it make it more so like anhydrous ammoonia or will that make it any better for ice? maybe thats a dumb question just wondering,thnaks

dj Monday, 7/28/08, 2:33 PM
whobla, have you ever done this or know forsure, does it need the nickels to make it work or is that optional, does it need to be cool, hot or consistant temp also is that the charcoal you would use and is that diff. than activated charcoal? do you have to have anyhydrous ammonia mixed in with the charcoal as well? what is a good ingredient amount to go by? i heard 1lb. charcoal 32 fl oz. ammonia 16 gun blue does that sound accurate? thnkas man

dfjgegjr Monday, 7/28/08, 2:43 AM

who bla Saturday, 7/26/08, 8:59 PM
Well the ammonia should be mixed in with the charcoal *kindsford orginal* which u have to break it up first buy a small bag run it over to get it crused or someshit then put it in the cooler with the nickels already on the bottom a roll of nickels #9 gun bluing 4 oz's of it ammonia anhydrous would be best then of course hang the strings and after u put in the ammonia fill it 3 quarters and let it settle for a while so its its all on the bottom then put on the top with the strings going down in it keeping the strings about 1.5 to 2 inches away from the carcoal etc bury it and let it sit

dj Saturday, 7/26/08, 3:25 PM
HP(O)(OH)2 what do you mean man, are you saying the ammonia isnt mixed in with the charcoal and gun blue cause it seems it just needs the hydrogen gause to make it work and the nickels come on guys lets figure this out read the past posts from mr. crystal and that oother guy .......? somone told me once the ammonia isnt mixed in but just in there seperated not to mix all 3 together any help is good, peace

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HP(O)(OH)2 Saturday, 7/26/08, 1:17 AM

who bla Friday, 7/25/08, 9:44 PM
well for my facts i guarantee my way 100% i use to make it all the time my way is annie and i know a copule others but not sure if they work which im sure they will cause there other manufacteruers ways that know what the fuck there doing

dj Thursday, 7/24/08, 12:31 AM
who bla and asdaf lets get to the bottom of this icecream or atr least what you know as far as facts go......please thanks guys other than that this site seems to be at a snails pace, peace

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extreme behavoir Tuesday, 7/22/08, 2:20 AM
evryone do some research or give there ideas on ice in the pickle jar all the details, even if its just what youve heard, thnks

dj Monday, 7/21/08, 10:26 PM
anyone heard to put nickels in the bottom of the jar for ice, also what kind of charcoal is good for the jar method? what do you think about 29% ammonia hydroxide over store bought 5-10% AMMON HYDROX.? anyone heard hoppes gun blue only? hot or cold tempatures for the jar? why do some people bury it anyone know any of this it would be great, thanks

dj Monday, 7/21/08, 10:16 PM
ya i tried it and only pulled a ball out of it if i was lucky evry 20 mins i shook it sortof then i got the idea to shake the fuc out of it its a risky process kinda the batteries the gas off very smokey ya i prob messed up barely but it went smooth but the shit wasnt fire like the icecream ive had is asdaf , who bla anyone give me a few pointers on the icecream, do you think theres sulfuric acid involved any help is good help , thnks

asdfas Monday, 7/21/08, 1:04 PM
if your final product is dirty wash it in acetone...

asdfas Monday, 7/21/08, 1:03 PM
Dj, so you tried that method?

tester Monday, 7/21/08, 10:17 AM

dj Sunday, 7/20/08, 11:10 PM
ya i thought the 2 liter way tastes like shit doesnt smoke and tastes like a oily starter fluid,lol but anyways i got all the goods for the icecream if you could throw a lesson on what you know id appreciate it and all the other help you have been,peace

who bla Sunday, 7/20/08, 8:34 PM
ill talk about the gun blue and charcoal 2morrow i dont have much time but for the lithium strips and to cut them apart or rip them up or whatever i dont hoenslty think its a good idea well i know when making annie you want to use the stripos with in 10 seconds after u unravel them cause it'll be stronger anyways i dont know about the 2 liter method maybe it works and before you go trying to make the annie leave a post here if u need any other ?'s

who bla Sunday, 7/20/08, 8:30 PM
Sorry dj im not sure about the 2 liter process i have never done it that way but if u scroll farther down u will see how to make meth from my post before that is called anie which you use anyhydrous ammonia and wtih my way is what imeant by the hose is after u got the bottles set poor a lil sulfuric acid in the bottle and with some salt to get the reaction and blow from 1 end and have the other end of the hose just barely underneath the coleman fuel and ur dope will start to form and drop but before you get the bottles have atleast 3 bottles 1 for the sulfuric acid and put a hose from that bottle to another bottle that has epson salt in it so if the sulfuric acid goes threw the hose which it will it will absorb the acid in the epson salt and make sure not to let the sulfurc acid run into the coleman fuel where the dope is you can get this hose at wal-mart its clear by the fish tanks and shit well any more ?'s just ask i been out of town is why i havent answered anybodys ?'s

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dj Saturday, 7/19/08, 11:27 AM
any of you guys talking about "ice" anybody know if it takes nickles and it has to be a specific gun blue and charcoal any details thanks

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madssss Friday, 7/18/08, 9:45 PM
that was surpose to be benzaldehyde if so

madssss Friday, 7/18/08, 9:44 PM
hey do u think p-methlbenzaldehyde r can be turned into benzaldehydeif so how

madssss Friday, 7/18/08, 9:39 PM

Da Messiah Friday, 7/18/08, 9:06 PM
Innocent & Curious

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dj Thursday, 7/17/08, 5:02 PM
a special thanks to everyone......this weeknd and from here on is gonna be.....rolllin thanks, the batteries thingy is freaky let me tell ya the smell, lol thanks again, peace

dj Thursday, 7/17/08, 8:10 AM
hey does anyone know if 80% humidity in the air could be bad and cause a safety issue when making dope

rudabahistic Thursday, 7/17/08, 2:37 AM

dj Wednesday, 7/16/08, 3:51 PM
who bla, you wrote this is this for the gass off procedure: you can use muratic acid but i prefer sulfuic acid , salt or alumnimum foil depending on which acid u use aluminum for muratic salt for sulfuric. do you put aluminum foil in with the hydrchloric acid (muriatic acid) just like you would with the iodized salt and sulfuric acid? is it the same situation just a diff. option, cause i might have a little harder time finding sulfuric

dj Tuesday, 7/15/08, 8:26 PM
hey will hydrochloric acid do the trick at all with the salt and the gas off in the end or whats the quik trick ordering would take to long, where can i get liquid fire or a similar product, any help is good help anything i can find isnt pure enough i dont think thanks

dj Tuesday, 7/15/08, 7:41 PM
hey is there a replacment for the liquid fire game day is just around the corner where is a chem store or anything acceptabole is fine thanks

asdfas Tuesday, 7/15/08, 2:47 PM
liquid fire is sulfuric acid.... you can order that online or at chem store...... its not hard to find....

dj Tuesday, 7/15/08, 2:20 PM
whats just like liquid fire or where can i buy liquid fire thansks a mill asdaf, peace

J Tuesday, 7/15/08, 2:08 PM
great site

asdfas Tuesday, 7/15/08, 7:14 AM
Dj, just make sure there is no moisture in or around the 2 liter and that you realease the pressure when needed also that the lithium is good idea to have them cut up so that it reacts btter with the solution....
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asdfas Tuesday, 7/15/08, 7:11 AM
the reason why you keep the cap on and have it biuld pressure and then release pressure is because you dont want air really getting into the reaction, on gas going out.. if you understand what Iam saying...

asdfas Tuesday, 7/15/08, 7:10 AM
ok guys the sodium hydroxide crystals should work fine, just scoop a good amount into the cap I would say.... the gas shoud just go into the 1 liter and then you shoudl shake it up.... the lithium should not be in the 1 liter because after your reaction is done, you filter the 2 liter with coffee filters into the 1 liter...

extreme behavoir Monday, 7/14/08, 9:44 PM
do you rip up the lithuim stips or can you put it in hole, when the dope gets gassed off in the end is the lithium strips still in the dope or do you remove them ? ya is the fumes strong enough when it rolls when you release the pressure to burn your hands or is it barable

dj Monday, 7/14/08, 9:33 PM
hey who bla and asdaf, seriously you know asdafs 2 liter bottle way whats the only ways it could explode im not stupid and i know the water and lithium is a no no and to use a funnell and all that mumbo whats a heads up to be aware of is the fumes intence? it all seems simple bleed the air out more lye every 20 mins for 2 hrs. etc. do i need anyting thing for protection? when you gas off does the tube have to go down into the dope or just in the bottle and the gas meet up with the dope...any help is great thanks guys

dj Monday, 7/14/08, 9:31 PM
hey who bla, seriously you know asdaf 2 liter bottle way whats the only ways it could explode im not stupid and i know the water and lithium is a no no and to use a funnell and all that mumbo whats a heads up to be aware of is the fumes intence it all seems simple bleed the air out more lye every 20 mins for 2 hrs. etc. when you gas off does the tube have to go down into the dope or just in the bottle...any help is great thanks

who bla Monday, 7/14/08, 8:11 PM
i couldnt answer that honestly man i have no damn idea about that method only know a few that works i can give u the other ways only reason why im not doing the annie is cause i dont want to rob the anyhydrous anymore and the other way is easier which another manufacturer told me about it so im sure it worked i know quite a few of them

extreme behavoir Monday, 7/14/08, 6:21 PM
asdaf, do you know of a good product in place of liquid fire containing sulfuric acid thanks

dj Monday, 7/14/08, 4:45 PM
who bla you know the crytal form sodium hydroxide it the asme as the liquid fire but what would be similar as for the 1 cap of liquid fire per 20 min. while letting it roll while cookin? any idea

who bla Monday, 7/14/08, 1:58 PM
Get atleast 2 boxes everytime and if you know somebody you trust see if they will ride with you but go in right after each other and get the pills i wouildnt get no more then 2 boxes at a time but you can just go to all the pharmacys so i use to get 3 at a time before they started cracking down on it at every pharmacy and since i lived in kc there was quite a few of them

dj Monday, 7/14/08, 11:51 AM
is the sodium hydroxide crystals ok? how would you go as for a cap full every 20 min. thanks so much

dj stringy diddy diggidy dog Monday, 7/14/08, 11:47 AM
hey bro if you have say 150 pill scan you downsize the whole deal or is it pretty much as write and the 120mg pills come in 20 ct. boxes how many boxes do you think you can get at once and how long do you have t wait ot get another box thanks hope im not killin you with the ?'s peace

asdfas Monday, 7/14/08, 6:22 AM
cold packs are like 2 bucks....its not the reusable ones you need, its the one time use only.. is is an example.. pid=13110&catid=742&trx=GFI-0-EVGR- 11695&trxp1=742&trxp2=13110&trxp3=1&trxp4=4&btrx=BUY- GFI-0-EVGR-11695

asdfas Monday, 7/14/08, 5:59 AM
plumbing dept It is called: ROEBIC Crystal Drain Opener Contains 100% Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) Clears tough clogs from pipes and drains Melts and destroys grease and other kitchen clogs Keeps drains clear Economical

extrem behavoir Monday, 7/14/08, 12:04 AM
i think sulfuric acid is what sets off the ice synthesis, anyone????? asdaf, what item is the sodium hydroxide crystals at lowes what department is it plumbing for drains do u know, those ice packs aint cheap damn!

extreme behavoir Sunday, 7/13/08, 11:51 PM
asdaf i mean for the pickle jar ice the reason why noone is getting anything do u think it is because a cap ful of sulfuric acid isnt being added what aould happen do u think with gun blue, charcoal, ammonia nickels, strings jarred up but 1st a cap full of sufuric acid would there be a narly reaction ?

brian Sunday, 7/13/08, 11:01 PM
Cool site

who Sunday, 7/13/08, 10:13 PM

Bad@Meth@Cook Sunday, 7/13/08, 10:11 PM

who Sunday, 7/13/08, 10:07 PM

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 9:41 PM
is the sodium hydroxide crystals ok to put in there how would you go as for a cap full every 20 min. also ph up at pet co supposedly is pure supposedly

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 9:10 PM
I mean pure sodium hydroxide is perfect... thats what you want..

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 9:09 PM
for the sodium hydroxide they sell at lowes its in crystal form......but its pure sodium hydroxide.. the cap of sulfuric acid goes into the iodized salt to create the HCl gas..

extreme behavoir Sunday, 7/13/08, 4:51 PM
1 cap full of liquid fire (sulfuric acid) i think thats what causes the gases and the reaction anyone?????!??!??!?!??!? thanks

extreme behavoir Sunday, 7/13/08, 4:49 PM
not to mention this bottle way sounds bad ass i think the pickle jar way works with sudless ammonia, hoppes #9 blue and nickels and activated charcoal, then the liquid fire sets it off lid it up quik with the strings hanging 30 days later it should be done what do you all think other than that im locating the ingreds for the bottle idea, peace best opinion maybe a heat pad under it 4 fl.oz ammnia, 4 oz charcoal, 2 oz. hoppes blue ???????? other than that asdaf knows what hes talking about forsure

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 2:38 PM
hey what onther brand drain opener would you use red devil is off the market and nothing else some far has sodium hydroxide, and for the ice packs are they sold in first adi kits or whats the easiest for these this is all i really need thanks

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 12:53 PM
the other chems shouldnt make a difference... any no I havent done it personally but seen it....and I have made MDA in a similar situation....

dj diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 12:40 PM
hey i just read that the heptane is in all starter fluids pyroil premium being the highest ether content 60% is this good and is it the big cans thnks

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 12:14 PM
asdaf, hey man on the starter fluid it all has other shit in it other than the di ethyl ether like N-heptane, and others haveoil or pertroleum as fo the diethyl ether there is 60 % in most starter fluids wheich is the one to use do you think, thnks

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 11:13 AM
cap im sorry and have you dont this yourself, peacei used to fuck around with dry ice bombs 2 liter bottles can take som much pressure and for the litium batt. thingy i got that handled

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 11:09 AM
thats cool, whats the hardest part about this ,im real clever and precise im not too worried and unsterstand this all if i just buy 1 gallon jug of sulfuric acid should i just use a car for measure off a bottle similar to liquid fire , and same with the red devil lye to be precise on measurement , tnkas

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:46 AM
that is why if you see any drug its always name.HCl

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:45 AM
the key to gasing your product is that your have your freebase in the 1 liter and have the salt in the 20z and have a tube going from the 20z to the 1 liter and have a reaction occur in the 20oz with salt and sulfuric acid that will create HCl gas and you want the gas to go into the 1 liter which come in contact with the freebase and cause the meth to become into a sold form that causes the snow effect..

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:41 AM
just follow the directions... the water should be the last thing you put in after everything else has mixed.

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:39 AM
CORRECTION when you put the 2 caps of water also important that i forgot make sure your ether is in there first with the ammonium

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:24 AM
one more thing I take no responsiblity if you do someting wrong and cause yourself harm guys.... if I were you have someone that know chemistry do it first and let them show you......this realy create pressure in the 2 liter because it causes it to bubble when its rolling.... I would recommend you go to other sites or get more informaiton about how this works so that you are confident.... be careful.

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:22 AM
when you put the 2 caps of water in there make sure you already have the ammonium nitrate, the pills (crushed) the lithium, and lye in the 2 liter in there and it swirled around, the water should make the reaction bubble....

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:20 AM
Liquid fire is sulfuric acid..

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:20 AM
the ice packs come with a bag with another big within it that contains the ammoniun nitrate, you have to measure that ammoniun nitrate to one cup... I believe one pack should be enough..

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:18 AM
starter fluid has to have diethyl ether as its contents.... and most of this stuff you can get at home depot

asdfas Sunday, 7/13/08, 6:17 AM
red devil lye is not availabe anymore, but lye is sodium hydroxide so if you find another drain cleaner with sodium hydroxide then your in business

dj string diddy Sunday, 7/13/08, 12:22 AM
ok guys i got it, thanks a million asdaf just a few questions is red devil lye brand and liquid fire the ony brand to use if so is it easy to find? also for the starter fluid is pyroil good someone mentioned it i knew, other than that if you have any other tidbets share them with me even on the last few posts i left id really appreciate it, the ship is about to leave dock thanks again

speed master b Saturday, 7/12/08, 10:13 PM
hey ya do you put the tubing into the stuff or just alittle ways through the lids on the 1 liter and the 20 oz. how many ice packs do you think that would be for the ammonium thanks

dj string diddy Saturday, 7/12/08, 5:05 PM
im sorry 2 cap fulls to top off the mixture in the 2 liter but could you clear up those other questions please

dj string diddy Saturday, 7/12/08, 4:46 PM
i read it again and it looks as if no water is used right ?

extreme behavoir Saturday, 7/12/08, 4:42 PM
whats the quart jar for in the materials list and is home depot the place for 95% of all this bsides the pills, how often can you get these sudafed pills if say 2 people are getting them, thanks

dj string diddy Saturday, 7/12/08, 4:21 PM
also if you can make it clear the end part the salt and the liquid fire, is that easier than it sounds do you out the tube down in the stuff of just throw the cap? also is red devil lye used at all thanks asdaf

dj striong diddy Saturday, 7/12/08, 4:18 PM
does this all make since when you start the procedures and the batteries procedure cutting up the strips in pieces, and how much water in the 2 liter in the beggining with the cold pack ammonmia stuff and the pills...water right? in with that how (in the 2 liter) much? also i thought you said it will be bad if water gets in with the batteries? clear that up if you would bro also inside the cold packs the bag inside the actual cold pack is that the ammonia thanks a million, dj i appreciate it , peace

asdfas Saturday, 7/12/08, 3:03 PM
the pills just need to be grinded up...the coating will be filtered off with the coffee filter...

asdfas Saturday, 7/12/08, 3:02 PM
the cold packs you use that you break the bag within the bag to create the cold.. one of the bags has the ammonium nitrate...

asdfas Saturday, 7/12/08, 3:01 PM
the cold packs you use that you breaK